Vehicle access permits in Queensland recreation areas survey

We would like to hear about your four-wheel drive vehicle use in  recreation areas, including how often and where you use your vehicle access permits.

Your feedback will be used to identify potential options for multi-access permits covering more than one area.

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Purchasing experience

If offered, do you think you would purchase a permit for multiple areas? required
Do you think that being able to purchase a permit covering multiple recreational areas would increase the number of times you visit these areas? required
Do you think there should be a discount for purchasing a multi-area vehicle access permit? required
Is it important to you that the facilities and infrastructure you use in recreation areas are environmentally friendly? required
Would you be willing to pay more for your vehicle access permits in order to have upgraded facilities? required

Awareness of environmental values

Are you aware of the environmental values of the areas you visit? required
Would you like more information about the environmental values of the areas you visit? required
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